How Much Water Is in a 52-inch-high, 27-foot-round Swimming Pool?

A 27-foot-diameter, 52-inch-high swimming pool holds about 1,870 gallons of water. Utilize the volume of a cylinder formula, V = pi r 2 h, and convert cubic feet to gallons to arrive at the solution.

Divide the circumference by 2 pi to get the radius. The pool’s circumference in this instance is about 4.3 feet. Take the 4.3-foot square and multiply it by pi. This results in a 58.1 square foot area.

Pool height is roughly 4.3 feet when 52 inches are converted to feet. In order to obtain a volume of about 250 cubic feet, multiply 58.1 by 4.3. 250 x 7.48 = 1,870 gallons because there are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot.


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