How Much Time Does It Take for a Lip Piercing to Fully Heal?

Lip piercings often heal rapidly, but how quickly depends primarily on how long the lip has been pierced. It can close in as little as a few hours if the piercing was performed within the last six months. It typically takes three months for the hole to completely close after a piercing that has been in place for more than six months.

With the right care, a lip piercing that enters the lip or the surrounding area can heal in 1 to 3 months. An infection of the pierced area could occur from improper or irregular care. The best way to care for the region is to soak it in a weak, warm saline solution for three to five minutes, up to five times a week.

While excess discharge can be carefully cleaned away with mild soap in the first few weeks after piercing, rotating or moving the jewellery may impede the healing process.

Remaining scar tissue after a lip piercing may or may not be visible. The likelihood of a scar developing on the lip increases with the size of the gauge used in the piercing. Anti-scarring lotion or a moisturiser containing vitamin E may be beneficial in treating the scarring caused by closed piercing.


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