How Much Should a 6-Foot Male Weigh?

A healthy weight range for a six-foot-tall adult male is between 140 and 177 pounds. This weight range places the body mass index within the optimal range of 18.5 to 24.9.

A male of the same height who weighs less than 140 pounds on the BMI scale is considered underweight. On the BMI scale, a 6-foot-tall male weighing 180 to 220 pounds is overweight, whereas a 6-foot-tall male weighing more than 220 pounds is obese.

In addition to the BMI, additional weight-related parameters that influence health are body shape and waist circumference. A guy with a waist circumference more than 40 inches who carries the majority of his weight in his abdomen as opposed to his hips is more prone to develop obesity-related health problems.


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