How Much Lemon Concentrate Equals One Lemon?

Use two teaspoons of bottled lemon juice to replace the juice of one lemon when replacing lemon concentrate for fresh lemon juice in a recipe. Made from a lemon juice concentrate and lemon oil, bottled lemon juice is a stable product that stays fresh for up to six months in the refrigerator. In equal amounts, substitute lemon juice concentrate for lemon juice in any recipe that calls for lemon juice.

Before utilising lemon juice concentrate, it is necessary to vigorously shake it to prevent settling and separation. While many recipes call for fresh lemon, others, such as those for canning, require bottled lemon juice due to its required acidity and effect on the pH of specific foods. Unopened lemon juice concentrate in bottle should be kept in a cool, dark location.

If bottled lemon juice concentrate is unavailable, other acidic ingredients, such as lime juice or white wine, may be substituted. Both of them are interchangeable at a 1:1 ratio. Half a teaspoon of mild vinegar can be substituted for each teaspoon of lemon juice in a recipe that calls for lemon juice.


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