How Much Is a Pound of Pennies Worth?

A pound of pennies minted with the design introduced in 1982 is worth $1.81 and contains 181 coins weighing 2.5 grammes each. The plating of pennies struck between 1962 and 1982 has less copper. Based on their individual weight of 3.11 grammes, a pound of these pennies is worth around $1.45.

From 1909 until 1982, the average weight of a penny was 3.11 grammes, making a pound of these pieces worth $1.45. Due to the absence of copper, the 1943 zinc pennies weigh approximately 2.70 grammes each, making them the only coins with a different weight during that time period. A pound of 1943 pennies is approximately $1.68 in value.


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