How Much Does a Tire Weigh?

Light truck tyres under 17 inches in diameter weigh about 35 pounds on average, passenger car tyres weigh between 20 and 22 pounds, and semi-truck tyres weigh between 105 and 110 pounds. Depending on its intended purpose, such as for agriculture, mining, or big equipment, off-road tyres might weigh more or less. New tyres weigh more than scrap tyres. New passenger tyres weigh 25 pounds, whereas scrap tyres weigh 20 pounds.

In the United States, one scrap tyre is produced annually per person. 77.6% of those used tyre scraps are recycled in some fashion. In addition to their primary fuel, power plants, cement kilns, and industrial boilers employ 40% of recycled tyres as tire-derived fuel. Other uses for recycled tyre products include agriculture, exports, shredded rubber, and civil engineering projects.

Retreaded tyres include 75% recycled material, whereas just 2% of the rubber in new tyres is recycled. A used truck tyre requires 7 gallons of oil to create, as opposed to 22 gallons for a brand-new truck tyre. The most typical applications for retreaded tyres are fleets of commercial trucks, aeroplanes, and school buses.

In the US, the market for waste tyres is dominated by passenger cars by an 80 percent margin. Every year, 1.8 percent of landfill debris is made up of used tyres. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, steel, and fillers are the materials used to make auto tyres.


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