How Much Does a Carrot Weigh?

The typical weight of a carrot, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, ranges from 50 to 72 grammes, depending on its length. Carrots of average size weigh roughly 61 grammes.

Knowing a carrot’s length is the key to estimating its weight. A little carrot is one that is 5.5 inches or shorter in length and weighs 50 grammes or less on average. A carrot should weigh at least 72 grammes and be at least 7.25 inches long. Depending on how it is made, a cup of carrots might weigh different amounts. The weights of a cup of grated carrots are around 110 grammes, a cup of chopped carrots are about 128 grammes, and a cup of sliced carrots are about 122 grammes.


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