How Much Does a 12-Pack of Soda Weigh?

Do you think you know how much a case of 12 sodas weighs? Well, you’re right if you guessed 10 pounds. After doing some math, we can see that a 12-pack of soda weighs about 10 pounds.

This number is figured out by adding up the weights of 12 aluminium cans, the soda inside the cans, and the plastic or cardboard packaging that holds the cans. All three of these things together weigh about 10 pounds.

Soda Weight

First, let’s talk about the soda that’s in each can. Each soda can has 12 ounces of soda in it. When you multiply that by 12, you get 144 ounces of soda all together.

Can and Packaging

The average weight of an aluminium can comes next. About 1/2 ounce is what each can weighs. When you multiply that by 12 cans, you get a weight of about 6 ounces. When you add that up with the weight of the fluid inside, you get 150 ounces, which is 9.375 pounds. Add the weight of the cardboard box (maybe another half pound), and you’ll be very close to 10 pounds.

Boxes Made of Cardboard

Soda that comes in 12-packs is usually packaged in a cardboard box. This type of packaging keeps the cans from getting damaged while they are being shipped. It also lets the brand be shown on the packaging and keeps the cans from getting too much direct sunlight.

Plastic Packaging

In the picture above, you can see that the cans are wrapped in plastic that can be stretched. This material isn’t as heavy as cardboard, but it still keeps the soda from getting too much sun.

Rings Packaging

Retailers can also buy 12-pack rings for 12 cans of soda to make a convenient carrying case. These aren’t very common, but they make the whole package lighter. And as the world tries to stop using plastic in wasteful ways, some big beverage companies are going back to smaller cardboard can holders.

Lessen how much soda you drink.

In 2010, each person in the United States drank 45 gallons of soda a year. In 2018, each person only drinks 38 gallons of soda a year. One of the main reasons is that more Americans are aware of how drinking carbonated soda adds extra sugar to their diet.

10 Cokes per Day

In 2014, one man decided to do an experiment to see what would happen to his weight and health if he drank 10 Cokes every day for a month. Because of the added sugar in the soda, he ended up gaining almost 25 pounds.

In 2015, the same guy did something similar by drinking 10 Diet Cokes every day for a month. The results were very different. He didn’t gain weight, his blood sugar level didn’t go up, and neither did his blood pressure.


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