How Much Alcohol Is in Budweiser Beer?

The amount of alcohol in a Budweiser beer varies from one drink to the next. A regular Budweiser beer has about 5% alcohol, and the different types of Budweiser drinks have different amounts of alcohol. Bud Ice has 5.5 percent alcohol, while Bud Light has 4.2 percent and Bud Ice Light has 4.1 percent.

As Anheuser-flagship Busch’s beer, Budweiser is the best-selling beer in the U.S. as of 2014. The average alcohol by volume (ABV) of beer is about 4.5 percent, while the average ABV of wine is about 11.6 percent.

The alcohol in a drink comes from the fermentation process, which is when yeast turns sugars into alcohol. Because the yeast in fermented beer breaks down at about 10 percent ABV, beers usually have less alcohol than wines, whose fermentation process takes longer. For alcohol to have even more alcohol, it needs to go through an extra chemical process.

Even though the amount of alcohol in a beer is directly related to how many calories it has, there are some beers that are better for calories per percent of alcohol. More of the calories in Natural Ice, King Cobra, and Molson Canadian 67 come from the alcohol than from any of the other ingredients. Budweiser Select has only 99 calories in a 12-ounce serving and is only 4.3% alcohol.


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