How Many Tablespoons Are in 17 Grams?

Since tablespoons are a volume measurement and grammes are a weight measurement, it is not possible to convert grammes to tablespoons directly. To convert grammes to tablespoons, the density of the item being measured must be known. Given that the density of water is approximately 1 gramme per millilitre, 17 grammes of water equals 17 millilitres. Seventeen millilitres of water is equivalent to 1.5 teaspoons.

The density equation is mass divided by volume. To determine the volume of a given quantity of a material, divide its mass by its density. Both mass and density must be expressed in either metric or imperial units. For instance, the density of sugar is around 1.2 grammes per millilitre. 17 grammes of sugar / 1.2 grammes per millilitre = 14.17 millilitres.

The result must then be translated into imperial units. One tablespoon is approximately 15 millilitres. To convert millilitres to tablespoons, simply divide the quantity of millilitres by 15. 14.17 millilitres / 15 = 0.95 tablespoons. Therefore, 17 grammes of sugar is equivalent to 0.95 teaspoons of sugar. This value is so near to one that it may be rounded to 1 teaspoon of sugar.


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