How many Skittles come in each package?

The company that makes Skittles, Wrigley, says that a standard 2.17-ounce bag of Skittles has an average of 56 pieces of candy in it. About 1 gramme is how much each Skittle weighs.

Statistics projects that show the average number of Skittles in a group of packages are popular in elementary schools and even in high schools. The number of Skittles is different in these projects, which were posted on Weebly and school websites. For the individual serving bags, the number of Skittles can range from 53 to 64.

Since Skittles come in different sizes, the best way to figure out how many are in a bag is to look at how many grammes are in a bag. There are 56.7 grammes in a 2.17-ounce bag. Since each Skittle weighs about 1 gramme, the amount of grammes in the bag is the best way to estimate how many Skittles are in it.


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