How Many Ounces are in 750 Milliliters?

750 millilitres are equivalent to around 25.4 fluid ounces when converted to millilitres. While ounces are a part of the US and imperial measurement systems, millilitres are a part of the metric system.

Although they are also offered in 1 L and 1.5 L sizes, 750 ml bottles are the most widely used for both wine and spirits. Although drink recipes are often created using ounces in the United States, bottles are measured using the metric system. Bartenders must convert from grammes to ounces in order to determine how many cocktails a bottle will yield.

Five ounces make up a typical wine glass, therefore a 750 ml bottle makes about five glasses of wine. A 750 ml bottle of alcohol contains enough alcohol for about 17 drinks because a mixed drink, such as vodka and tonic, typically comprises 1.5 ounces of spirits.


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