How Many Laps Around a Track Is a Mile?

Four laps in lane 2 of a normal outdoor track equals 1.01 miles, whereas four laps in lane 1 equals 0.99 miles. Running in lanes further from the track’s centre results in somewhat longer distances covered. For example, four laps in lane 8 correspond to 1.13 miles.

One mile corresponds to 1,609 metres, or 5,280 feet. The majority of outdoor tracks are constructed with the inner lane (lane 1) measuring precisely 400 metres, or 1,312.3 ft. Track lanes have a standard width of 1.22 metres, hence the lap length rises by approximately 7.67 metres or 25 feet for every lane out from the centre.

On nonstandard tracks, determining the number of laps in a mile requires some effort. Walk around the track once and count the amount of paces. Multiply the stride length, which is roughly 2.25 feet, by the number of paces to determine the distance of one lap in feet. Divide 5,280 feet by the length of a lap to determine the number of laps required to complete one mile. If the result is not a whole number, round up to the nearest whole number if the decimal portion is higher than 0.5, and round down if it is less than 0.5.


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