How Many GB Is a Movie?

The amount of space a movie occupies depends on a number of factors, including its length, resolution, and encoding. Space estimates for a movie range from a third of a gigabyte to over seven gigabytes.

According to TalkTalk Business, the space required to download the average movie is between 700 megabytes and 1.5 gigabytes. A one-hour video stream requires between 250 and 500 MB of data.

Streaming video on an iPad consumes two gigabytes of data over six to twelve hours, or one-sixth to one-third of a gigabit every hour of video.

Video streaming consumes approximately 0.3 gigabytes per hour of data at low quality, 0.7 gigabytes per hour of data at medium quality, 3 gigabytes per hour of data at HD level, and 7 gigabytes per hour of data at Ultra HD quality.


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