How Many Gallons of Water Are in a 27-Foot-Round and 52-Inch-High Swimming Pool?

A 27-foot-round, 52-inch-high swimming pool holds about 1,870 gallons of water. To find the answer, use the formula V = pi r2 h, which tells you how to figure out the volume of a cylinder, and then convert cubic feet to gallons.

Divide the circumference by 2 pi to find the radius. In this case, the pool’s size is about 4.3 feet across. Multiply the square of 4.3 feet by pi. This makes a space that is 58.1 square feet in size. If you change 52 inches to feet, the height of the pool is about 4.3 feet. When you multiply 58.1 by 4.3, you get about 250 cubic feet. Since one cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons, multiplying 250 by 7.48 gives you 1,870 gallons.


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