How Many Gallons Are in One Metric Ton?

There are roughly 358 United States gallons per metric tonne. According to conversion charts on the website of Iowa State University, 1 US gallon equals 0.002791 metric tonnes. In contrast, there are 1/0.002791 gallons per metric tonne, equaling 358.294518 U.S. gallons per metric tonne.

One U.S. gallon equals 0 .8321 imperial gallons. To determine the number of imperial gallons per metric tonne, multiply the number of U.S. gallons per metric tonne by 0.8321. Multiplying 358.294518 by 0.8321 reveals that a metric tonne contains 298.136868 imperial gallons. The liquid’s temperature has a direct effect on the measurement, as liquids expand at higher temperatures and compress as the temperature declines.


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