How Many Cups Are in 1 Liter?

There are various types of cups, but typically one litre is equal to around four cups. Using metric, U.S. customary, U.S. “legal,” Canadian, Imperial, Japanese, or traditional Japanese cups all result in somewhat different measurements.

Metric conversion is the easiest. There are four metric cups in a litre. However, in the United States, 1 litre is equal to 4.16666666667 U.S. legal cups and 4.22675283773 U.S. customary cups. 4.3993850 Canadian cups, which are a little bit smaller, equal 1 litre.

Even though imperial cups are rarely used, one litre is equal to 3.52112676056 imperial cups. To make one litre, you need five of the smaller Japanese cups. Even smaller is the traditional Japanese cup; 5.55555555556 traditional Japanese cups equal one litre.


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