How Many Beers Can You Get Out of a 5-Liter Keg?

A 5-liter keg of beer makes about 10 pint-sized glasses, which is the same as 14 12-ounce bottles. Mini kegs are kegs that hold 5 litres. They were made to be a cheap way for people who like to drink draught beer at home to do so.

In the United States, standard keg sizes are 1/2 keg, 1/4 keg, and 1/6 keg. A half-keg of beer holds just under 59 litres, which is about the same as 165 12-ounce bottles. A 1/4 keg of beer holds just over 29 gallons, which is the same as about 82 12-ounce bottles. The standard keg size that comes closest to the mini keg is the 1/6 keg, which holds about 19 litres of beer and makes about 54 12-ounce bottles.

For beer to get to the right places, kegs must be stored upright. If they are not stored properly, the beer will have a lot more foam than when it comes out of the tap. Beer kegs should also be kept cool because the liquid inside is not pasteurised and needs time to settle after being moved. If the beer in a keg is stored properly, it can stay fresh for up to 45 days.


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