How Many Bales of Hay Per Acre?

How many bales of hay per acre – When it was consulted by some farmers, they provided a rough estimate of the hay and that is 100 small bales of hay that you get per acre.

When it comes to the measurement of the round bales that you can have access to per acre area is that one tonne of hay will result in almost 40-45 bales.

Almost 2 tonnes of hay are produced from one acre of land that you have. The calculation is simple : If you have a 50 acre land of hay, then you can get 100 square bales from one acre.

When it comes to measuring the bales of hay that you get per acre, you get 5 large rounded hays.

The weight of such bales of hay goes up to 1000 lbs each per acre when an average is taken.

When it was consulted by some farmers, they provided a rough estimate of the hay and that is 100 small bales of hay that you get per acre.

Knowing the yield that you get from your land is very important because it helps you determine the productivity of the crop, the yields that you require for lease arrangements, how much hay to buy and sell, recommendations that you require regarding fertility and feeding.

In the U.S., most of the farmers start off by growing crops like hay instead of directly growing cash crops on their lands.

They do this thing because when hay is grown, there is not much risk involved in it and the capital that is required is also less.

Without you having to go through any hassle, growing hay can easily provide you with a steady flow of cash all throughout the year.

There is one thing that you should remember when you are planning to grow hay on your land and that is that the area in which you are should have farmers or ranchers around who will be willing to purchase the crop of hay from you so that they can use it as fodder for their animals.

The quality of the farmland in which you grow hay should be good so that the yield you get per acre is also in a good amount.

Knowing the bales of hay you make in one acre becomes very important because if you don’t know the yield then you won’t know the losses you are going through.

The yield allows you to figure that if you have to change your methods of farming or keep them the same way and earn profits.

Why Calculate Hay Yields?

Storage of Hay –

One thing that is very important when you are a farmer growing hay is that you must think of where to store it in advance. You do have some options for this thing.

You can either store the hay you harvest on the farm itself that is owned or rented by you.

If there is no such option available then you can make sure that you deliver the products of hay as soon as it comes off the field.

The best option out of both is to deliver it as soon as possible.

This option gets you a chance to get the payment instantly and there would be no worrying about how and where to store the harvested hay.

But if your product doesn’t get delivered right away, then you would have to eventually store it.

When you do so, there are some costs involved in this scenario.

So this would mean that you would have to keep the rates of the hay higher so that you can at least cover your costs. A price like $4.75 for one small square would work.

If an additional amount of $0.25 is added, this would mean that the extra part is the cost you spent on the storage of the product.

Buyers of the Product –

 Buyers for a product are very important. When it comes to them, you have some options available with you and they are – You can firstly check your local hay listings, you have the option to sell them on your website, you can also sell them by connecting with people on social media and the last p[tion you have is to sell them by letting people know of your product.

One of your primary goals should be to sell the product that you grow on your farm or else your hay would be for nothing.

Using a social media account or website that you might have can prove to be very helpful to you.

They help you connect with a lot more people in usual than you can do through talking and telling by your mouth. So you must use that wisely.

Also, you can have a talk with the local farmers who might have animals with them so that they can look at the option of purchasing your product.

This might be best because through this way you can easily sell the product by delivering them immediately and getting the money in return for it.

In this way, your produce also doesn’t go to waste and you don’t have to incur storage costs. This will also help you to determine the needs of the buyers.

How Many Round Bales of Hay Can Be Obtained From an Acre of Land?

When it comes to the measurement of the round bales that you can have access to per acre area is that one tonne of hay will result in almost 40-45 bales.

When they are converted to round bales, the number is 4 to 5. Almost 2 tonnes of hay are produced from one acre of land that you have.

How Much Money Can You Make Growing Hay?

There is a good amount of money that you can get from selling hay. The money that can be made per acre of land of hay in a single year is approximately $100.

If the hay is of quality then the amount that you can get is $125 per ton. The profit per ton that you can get is $51.

How Many Small Bales of Hay Can You Get Per Acre?

If you have a 50 acre land of hay, then you can get 100 square bales from one acre. So doing the math is easy.

The result comes out to be that from 50 acres of land, you get 5000 bales of hay.

How Many Tons of Hay Does an Acre Produce?

How many tons of hay can be obtained from an acre?

There has been a drop in the production of hay from 2016 to 2017. In 2016, it was 2.52 tons per acre and in 2017 it went to 2.44 tons per acre.

In the case of alfalfa grass, it was 3.45 tons per acre and in 2017, it went to 3.32 tons per acre.

FAQs About: How Many Bales of Hay Per Acre?

1. How Many Cows Will One Round Bale Feed?

Ans – Over the season of winter, around 6-9 round bales are needed to feed a cow. This is when you talk of good quality hay in a month, one round is used.

2. How Expensive Is Round Bale?

Ans – As you know, the hay market is part of supply and demand. The price per ton of round bale of hay is almost $75 to $90. When we talk about alfalfa hay, the price is $140 to $165 per ton. Moderate quality of hay ranges from 120 USD to 150 USD.

3. What Is the Weight of a 4 by 5 Round Bale of Hay?

Ans – When you keep all the bales on the table having the same density, then the weight would range between 563 to 1584 pounds.

4. How Many Square Bales Are in a 4×5 Round Bale?

Ans – When we consider a round bale of hay weighing 1000 pounds then it will result in 20 of the small square bales of 50 pounds.

If we take a large round-bale that weighs 1200 pounds and with it, we take small square bales whose weight is 40 pounds, then 30 small square bales become equal to one large round bale of hay.

5. How Expensive Is a Square Bale of Hay?

Ans – If we take a small square bale, the price is $2.95. When we take a large square bale, the price is $40.50. If you take a large round bale, then the price is $37.00.

6. How Many Round Bales Make a Ton?

Ans – The size of bales of hay varies from 40 to 2000 pounds. In a ton, there are 20 3-string bales. The weight of the 3-string bale is 100 pounds.

The weight of the round bales is 850-1100 pounds. In one ton, almost 2.4 to 1.8 round bales are there.

7. How Much Time Does a Cow Take in Consuming a Round Bale?

Ans – Almost 2-3 cows will be able to feed on one large round bale of hay for a week.

8. How Expensive Is It to Make a Round Bale of Hay?

Ans – After calculating all the things, the true value that grass hay has including everything like fertilizer, machinery, labour and fuel becomes $84.03.

When you take a round grass hay bale weighing 1200 pounds, the cost comes around 51 USD.

9. How Many Times Can Hay Be Harvested Annually?

Ans – The hay of grass can be harvested either two or three times in a single year. The largest yield comes out to be in the first cutting.

10. What Is the Cost of a Small Bale of Hay?

Ans – the latest price of the bale of hay is $11.99.

11. How Heavy Is a Bale of Hay?

Ans – Two string bales of grass hay weigh 45 to 55 pounds. The weight of alfalfa grass is 60-70 lbs.

12. How Expensive Is It Planting an Acre of Alfalfa?

Ans – In one acre, 25 pounds of Alfalfa has to be planted. If you buy the seeds for one acre, then it is going to cost you $100.

13. How Large a Tractor Do I Need if I Want to Bale Hay?

Ans – A tractor of 75-105 horsepower should be purchased to put round bales. For square bales, the power should be 45.

14. How Much Is It to Rent Land?

Ans –  the rent for per-acre cropland in the US is $138. The rent is $215 for one acre of land of irrigated cropland. For non-irrigated it is $125.

15. What Amount of Hay Does a Cow Consume in a Day?

Ans – A cow can consume 24 pounds a day. This per cent is totally dry matter. There is 7-10% moisture in grass hays.

If there is moisture grass then the cows will consume 26 pounds of it in one day.

16. What Is the Weight of a Small Bale of Hay?

Ans – the weight of most round bales is 1000 lbs. An average round bale weighs between 400 and 600 pounds.

17. Can You Make Money Making Hay?

Ans – growing hay would be of no use if there is no profit at all. It is expensive to grow hay.

Making good money out of it cannot be guaranteed. Make this thing work is not easy at all. However, there are certain tactics that farmers use to ensure that profit is reaped.


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