How Many Amps Does 1500 Watts Use?

In accordance with Ohm’s Law, 1500 watts of energy consume 12.5 amps. Ohm’s Law establishes the link among amps, watts, and resistance. In the United States, the resistance of electricity is 120 volts.

The relationship described by Ohm’s Law is as follows:

I = V / R

Current is measured in amps, voltage in watts, and resistance in volts.

An amp measures the amount of electrical current that flows through a circuit point. Comparable to water pressure in a pipe, a volt symbolises the potential for energy movement. A watt is a unit of power that measures the amount of work performed when 1 amp of current travels through 1 volt of electrical potential difference.

In countries with 220 watts of electricity, 1500 watts would require 6.81 amps.


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