How long should you boil something to sterilise it?

The time it takes to sterilise anything by boiling varies from 1 to 20 minutes on average. The time required depends on the item to be sterilised.

Disease-carrying microbes are frequently found in water, particularly groundwater. Bringing the water to a full boil, on the other hand, kills the organisms. The same purpose is served by boiling objects in water. Parents are instructed to boil baby bottles before use, while cooks are encouraged to boil canning jars before use. Boiling time for sterilising infant bottles is 5 minutes, and 10 minutes for sterilising canning jars. Some items cannot be sterilised by boiling, and other procedures, such as chemical sterilisation, are utilised in these circumstances.

Sterilization of surfaces and tools is critical in medical settings to ensure patient safety. While autoclaves are used in hospitals and other institutions for sterilising, boiling is a viable alternative for goods that cannot withstand the pressure and steam levels within the machine. Metal tools, linen, rubber, and plastic are frequently sterilised by boiling. To ensure the safety of items utilised within the human body, they should be boiled for 20 minutes.

Experiments involving the growth of germs, for example, necessitate a sterile environment. Petri plates and other medium used to grow things are frequently sterilised in hot water for 5 to 15 minutes.


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