How Long Does Miracle Whip Last Before It Goes Bad?

Unopened Miracle Whip can be stored for a week past its expiration date in a pantry; once opened, it can be refrigerated for a month past its expiration date. A person should also check the sell-by and best-before dates on the label of a jar of mayonnaise.

Miracle Whip In Comparison to Regular Mayonnaise

According to the comparison website How Stuff Compares, Miracle Whip contains different components than conventional mayonnaise. It contains less vegetable oil and eggs than traditional mayonnaise and has a sharper flavour. However, its shelf life is comparable to that of normal mayonnaise.

Increasing Miracle Whip’s Shelf Life

As stated previously, the ideal method for preserving a jar of Miracle Whip is to refrain from opening it until absolutely essential and to store it in the refrigerator. Always refrigerate the jar immediately after use.


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