How Long Does It Take for a Lip Piercing to Completely Close Up?

The length of time it takes for a lip piercing to heal relies heavily on how long the lip has been pierced. If the piercing was performed within the last six months, the wound can close within a few hours. If the piercing has been in place for more than six months, it will take around three months for the hole to entirely seal.

A lip piercing involves penetrating the lip or surrounding tissue, and it takes between one and three months to recover with proper care. Infection of the pierced region may develop from insufficient or inconsistent care. The affected area should be soaked in a mild, warm saline solution for three to five minutes, up to five times a week. However, rotating or changing the jewellery during the first few weeks after piercing may impair the healing process.

If a lip piercing is closed, there may or may not be residual scar tissue. The greater the gauge used in the piercing, the greater the likelihood that the lip may produce a scar. For the treatment of the scars left by a closed piercing, an anti-scarring cream or a moisturiser with Vitamin E may be useful.


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