How Long Do Pumpkins That Haven’t Been Carved Last?

When stored at outdoor temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, an uncarved pumpkin will last for two to three months. After roughly a month at room temperature, a pumpkin begins to rot.

Though cooler temperatures aid in the preservation of uncut pumpkins, if the temperature dips below freezing, the pumpkin will perish as its cells are harmed. The pumpkin skin becomes mushy and the pumpkin begins to rot if the weather warms up again. Minor frost rarely causes significant damage.

If pumpkins are stored indoors, they are susceptible to mould. If this happens, place a piece of cloth or cardboard under the pumpkin’s base to protect the flooring or furnishings.

Always seek for a robust stem when picking for a pumpkin. A frail and weak one is usually a sign that it may soften and decompose rapidly. Also, check for spots and evident damage on the pumpkin. When storing the uncarved pumpkin, keep it away from any direct sunlight. The pumpkin will swiftly rot as a result of this. Temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit are excellent.


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