How Long Do Pit Bulls Stay in Heat?

WebMD and The Real Pit Bull say that pit bulls are in heat for about 18 to 21 days. Most other dog breeds are also like this. When they are 6 months old, female pit bulls go into heat about twice a year, every 6 months. Most small dog breeds go into heat for the first time before they are 6 months old.

During a dog’s estrus, it will show a number of signs, such as having to go to the bathroom more often and being more nervous and easily distracted.

When a female pit bull is ready to start breeding, she will often stand in front of a male dog with her back legs up. When they are in heat, female dogs also have a swollen vulva that bleeds. When the female is ready to start having babies, the discharge turns clear.

WebMD says that female pit bulls are in heat for about 18 to 21 days, but male dogs will only pay attention to them for about half of that time. The best way to keep pit bulls from getting pregnant when you don’t want them to is to get them spayed as soon as possible. Spaying is also helpful because it lowers the risk of cancer and diseases that affect the reproductive system. Most vets can spay a female pit bull when she is only 2 months old.


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