How Long Can a Fish Retain a Gender?

Depending on the kind of fish, pregnancy duration varies considerably. The gestation period, often known as the pregnancy phase, can last anywhere from three weeks to 10 months.

The gestation time of the striped seaperch, a species that lives in saltwater conditions, can be as lengthy as that of a human pregnancy, which lasts for forty weeks, or ten months. However, the gestation time can be as brief as three weeks in other species, like the molly fish.

All common aquarium fish that are bought as pets, including goldfish, betta fish, and tetra fish, lay eggs. None of these egg-layers get pregnant. Fish that do give birth to live young are referred to as live-bearing fish.

One well-known breed of live-bearers is the guppy. Like other live-bearing fish, the female guppy has the ability to retain the male guppy’s sperm for weeks, sometimes even up to three months. The period of time a female guppy spends pregnant after ovulation and fertilisation ranges from 21 to 40 days.

A variety of live fish can be acquired with the intention of stocking an aquarium. Swordtails, slaties, mosquito fish, molly fish, and guppies are typical live-bearing fish.

Live-bearing fish’s gestational periods can be slightly influenced by environmental factors including food availability and water temperature. Consult a fish breed specialist for details on specific gestation times.


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