How Long Before Miracle Whip Starts to Spoil?

Miracle Whip can remain fresh for a week after its expiration date if kept in a pantry; once opened, it can stay fresh for a month if kept in the refrigerator. Check the sell-by and best before dates, as well as any additional dates, on a jar of mayonnaise.

Comparing Miracle Whip with Regular Mayonnaise

The comparison website How Stuff Compares claims that Miracle Whip is made up of different ingredients than regular mayonnaise. It has more zing and less vegetable oil and eggs than traditional mayo. It doesn’t keep as long as ordinary mayonnaise though.

Miracle Whip Storage for Longer Shelf Life

As previously said, the best approach to preserve a jar of Miracle Whip is to keep it in the refrigerator and wait to open it until you really need to. After usage, always put the jar in the refrigerator.


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