How Long Are Most Men’s Fingers?

The average length of a man’s hand is 189 mm, or 7.44 inches. This distance is made up of half the palm and half the middle finger. So the average length of a man’s middle finger is 95 mm, or 3.72 inches.

The length of the middle finger is longer than that of the other fingers. It is also helpful to know the average width of the hand, which is related to the length of the hand. The average width of a man’s palm is 84 mm, or 3.3 inches.

Most of the time, the average size of a woman’s hand is 90 percent of that of a man’s. This means that the average length of a woman’s hand is 172 millimetres, or 6.77 inches, and the average width of her palm is 74 millimetres, or 2.91 inches.


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