How Does the Save Item for Later Feature Work in the Shopping Cart?

When a customer puts an item in their shopping cart and clicks “Save Item for Later,” the item is moved to a list called “Saved For Later.” This saves the item so you can buy it later without putting it on a wish list. For this feature to work, you need to have an account.

The list of items you have saved for later is right below the list of items in your shopping cart. Items that are put on the list can be moved back into the shopping cart or taken off the list entirely. You can also click on them to go to the product page and read all the information about the product there.

Once a product is on the Saved For Later list, it gets updated whenever the product page changes. Most of the time, these updates involve changes in price or availability. When the shopping cart is opened, the updates show any changes that have happened since the last time the cart was checked. Since September 2015, the list of changes is above the list of items in your shopping cart and the list of things you want to save for later. If there are enough items in the shopping cart to fill more than one page, the Saved For Later List will be at the bottom of the last page.


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