How Does the Shopping Cart’s Save Item for Later Function?

A customer-added item is added to a Saved For Later list when they use the Save Item for Later option in the shopping cart. By doing this, the item is kept for future purchase without needing to be added to a wish list. You must have an account to use the functionality.

For convenience, the Saved For Later list is situated just beneath the list of items in the shopping cart. The list items can be completely removed from the list or moved back into the shopping cart. They can also be clicked to get to the product page where you can read all of the information provided about the item.

When a product is added to the Saved For Later list, it is updated whenever the product page is modified. These updates typically involve adjustments to the cost or availability. The updates, which show modifications since the cart was last checked, show up anytime the shopping cart is opened.

Since September 2015, the list of modifications has been positioned above the Saved For Later list and the list of products in the shopping cart. The Saved For Later List will show at the end of the last page if the shopping cart has enough things in it to fill multiple pages.


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