How Does Someone Remove Levolor Blinds?

To remove Levolor blinds, draw the blinds all the way up, grasp the blinds’ head, and pull back while angling downward. As you pull forward again, the back of the blind header should slip out and the front should move out. Some blinds may also contain a pair of tongue brackets that must be pushed back in order to release the blind.

Levolor manufactures a variety of mini-blind types, the most of which are approximately 1 inch thick. They are available in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, horizontal and vertical styles, and even spring shades, which offer more comprehensive coverage than a set of blinds. Almost all Levolor blinds are eliminated in the same manner.

Raise the blinds

Pull the blinds up or to the side, out of the way. Additionally, it may be essential to remove vertical hanging blinds individually.

Return to the header

Grab the header blindly with both hands. While pushing back on the header, slant the back of the header down slightly. This should disengage the back of the header from its bracket. Some blinds utilise exterior brackets or a universal mount with a bracket tongue that must be manually pushed back in order to slide the header out of position.

Bring forward the header

Pull the blind header slightly forward to remove the front of the header from the bracket.


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