How Does Pi Fit Into Daily Life?

In everyday life, the number pi, symbolised by the symbol, is used to determine the radius or circumference of circles as well as in design and construction. Greek mathematicians first used the irrational number pi, which is frequently round to 3.14, to establish a relationship between a circle’s diameter and circumference.

Pi is used for a wide variety of activities in a wide variety of industries and helps with a wide variety of design work, especially for rounded things. Every day at work, engineers use pi to build items like tyres, pipelines and tubing, round gaskets, and balls.

For instance, designers utilised pi to calculate the surface area of a suitable-sized sphere to determine the quantity of material required to construct a basketball. Pi is always used to calculate the length of material needed to completely wrap a cylinder.

Performing an operation of pi is also necessary to determine the volume of a cylinder, cone, or sphere.

Pi is frequently utilised in many math-intensive professions, but it can also be used in everyday, non-professional life. Pi is frequently approximated as 3 when utilised for projects at home, whether it is done through calculation or just observation.

A rounded form of pi can be used to estimate how much coating material is required to completely cover a circular or cylindrical item, such as when painting a room or frosting a cake.


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