How Does an Armitron Pro Sport Watch Set the Time?

Press the Mode button on an Armitron Pro Sport watch until the time display appears to set the time. Once the alarm display is visible, release the Mode button. To access the screen where the time is set, hold Mode once more. Choose between a 12- or 24-hour clock by pressing and holding the Mode button while pressing the Alarm button.

Hold the Adjust button while choosing either the American or European calendar option with the Mode button; when finished, release the Adjust button.

To switch to the minutes function, click the Adjust button after using the Alarm button to reset the seconds to zero. Hold down the Alarm button while you adjust the minutes. Press Adjust to go to the hours function, and then use Alarm to select the hour.

Set the date and weekday on the Armitron Pro Sport watch by pressing the corresponding buttons for Alarm and Adjustment. To save, select Mode.

By holding down the Adjust button, the Armitron Pro Sport watch’s calendar setting is always accessible. The button immediately switches back to the time display when you let go of it.

With just one press of the Mode button, the watch’s chronometer is also accessible. While the Alarm button entirely resets the chronometer, the Adjust button starts and stops it. One more press of the Mode button will bring up the time display.


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