How Does Aaron’s Compare to Rent-A-Center?

When it comes to contracts and flexible payment plans, Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center are very similar. The prices are also pretty close, but you should check both stores to find the best deal.

Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center are the two biggest rent-to-own stores in the U.S., and they compete pretty evenly with each other. In 2010, Rent-A-Center sued Aaron’s for misleading advertising that gave wrong information about Rent-A-policies. Center’s For example, both stores set up and deliver items for free, but some older ads for Aaron’s made it sound like Rent-A-Center didn’t.

Both companies offer contracts with different lengths, different ways to pay, and other helpful features. Aaron’s warranties its products for two years, while Rent-A-Center warranties them for the length of the rental agreement. Both give customers the option to pay off their purchases early if they want to. Both have also been accused of using harsh and sometimes illegal ways to get money from customers who don’t pay on time.

Groups that look out for consumers don’t recommend either store for renting. Most of the time, the cash prices are already higher than the prices at other stores. By the time the customer pays off the item, he may have paid as much as twice as much as the original price. This is more expensive than even the most expensive credit card. People who are thinking about rent-to-own programmes would probably do better to get a credit card or wait until they have enough money to buy the item outright.


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