How Does a My Sheetz Card Work?

My Sheetz Card is a loyalty card that may be swiped at Sheetz petrol pumps or provided during the checkout process. The card provides clients with petrol discounts, special offers, and free merchandise.

My Sheetz Card is free to get, and customers can enrol online or in-store at any Sheetz location that participates in the programme. Initial registration requires a driver’s licence, and many family members can register for cards as long as each has a distinct email address. Customers who register online can print a temporary card until they receive a permanent card at any Sheetz outlet.

My Sheetz Card is available as both a standard-sized card and a keychain-sized card. The keychain card cannot be used at the pump, but it can be used for in-store transactions. The My Sheetz Card is compatible with other discount cards and credit cards.

Since 2015, customers who swipe their My Sheetz Card at the pump can save $.03 per gallon. The card also provides discounts on popular Sheetz menu items, including donuts and coffee. Cardholders receive a complimentary beverage or snack for every 10 qualified items purchased.


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