How Does a Car Cigarette Lighter Work?

A cigarette lighter in a car consists of a coil of nichrome wire heated by a powerful electrical current till it lights. When the driver presses the cigarette lighter into an electrical receptacle, the current is allowed to heat the coil. Once the lighter is heated, a metallic strip bends away, releasing the gadget for usage.

In addition to being used to light cigarettes, the electrical outlet can also power small electrical equipment. Specialized adaptor plugs insert into the receptacle and make contact with the internal contact points, completing the circuit and supplying electricity to the attached device. GPS gadgets, cell phones, and other portable electronics frequently have cigarette-lighter adapters that allow users to charge their batteries while driving. The receptacle is also commonly used to power small air compressors, allowing drivers to re-inflate their tyres without help.

Some automobile manufacturers are contemplating replacing the traditional cigarette lighter connector with a USB socket or normal electric socket, allowing consumers to power gadgets without an adapter. In these instances, the cigarette lighter is typically still available as an option but is no longer included in the car’s standard equipment.


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