How Do You Unfreeze a Computer Mouse?

To fix an issue with a wired or wireless mouse, disconnect the USB cord or reattach it. By turning on the touchpad, a laptop mouse can be unfrozen. Use the Fn key and the Touchpad key to accomplish this.

Find the Fn key.

At the left-bottom corner of your laptop keyboard, between the Alt and Ctrl keys, you’ll find the Fn key. Fn key pressed and held.

Find the touchpad icon.

Depending on the laptop you are using, different keys have the touchpad icon. The touchpad icon has a division slash across it and resembles a touchpad. This touchpad icon is typically found on the F7 or F9 key. Press the Touchpad key while holding down the Fn key.

Verify the mouse.

Try moving the cursor with your finger on the touchpad. If the cursor moves, the issue has been resolved. If not, repeat Steps 1 and 2 several more times in an effort to reset the pad.

Turn off the computer.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to restart the computer if the mouse is still not functional. Sometimes a straightforward reboot will fix any issues and return the computer to normal operation.


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