How Do You Set the Time on a Casio G-Shock Watch

Casio originally released the G-Shock series of watches in 1983, and by 2017 had sold over 100 million units. This popular brand of men’s and women’s timepieces is said to be practically damage-proof. However, not everyone adapts immediately to using this type of watch. If the time on your Casio G-Shock has to be reset, continue reading for instructions.

Familiarizing Oneself With the Watch Buttons

In contrast to a conventional watch, which may feature dials and winders, the Casio G-Shock series, for the majority of model types, is primarily operated by four buttons on the face’s perimeter. Leftmost is the A button, and rightmost is the B button. The bottom left button is C, and the lower right button is D. Some models have slightly different button configurations, with the bottom left and right buttons designated D and E, and a long button situated midway down the side. Other variants feature a bottom-mounted button known as the L button. However, the majority of G-Shock watches have the A-D layout.

How to Manually Set a G-Shock Watch

Changing or updating the time may necessitate manually setting the time on your watch. To do so, you must enter into timekeeping mode. To enter timekeeping mode, press and hold the A button for a few seconds. Remember that the A button is identical on all models. Upon completion, the screen should display ADJ, followed by SET. Newer models of the watch can require you to set the time zone before setting the time. Use the top and bottom buttons on the watch’s right side to go through the appropriate screens. Your watch may inquire whether or not you are observing Daylight Savings Time. You can alternatively display the time in 12-hour military style or 24-hour regular time.

How to Configure for Atomic Timing

The G-Shock watch may be compatible with atomic timekeeping in more recent models. This indicates that the watch can automatically synchronise with an atomic clock located somewhere in the world. Remove it and place it on a window sill to set it for atomic timekeeping. The area should be clear of obstructions and electrical signals that could interfere with the watch’s update. Casio states that the watch should set itself in 12 minutes or less, however it is recommended to let it sit for longer.

How to Adjust Your Watch Via Mobile Device

If you have a current G-Shock with Bluetooth capability, you can reset the clock over Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Casio’s Connected application for G-Shock watches must be downloaded beforehand. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and the watch is within three feet of the phone. Launch the application and hold the lower-left C in most cases button for four seconds until a connection is established.

If You Require Assistance Setting or Using Your Watch

If you are still having trouble adjusting the time on your G-Shock watch and cannot locate the physical owner’s manual, you can hunt up the manual for your specific model number online. On the back of every Casio G-Shock, whether old or new, is a four-digit model number that correlates to a manual. Either enter the model number into the official Casio website for support, or enter the model number and “Casio G-Force” into a search engine for more comprehensive results.

Specifications of G-Shock Watches

The toughness of G-Shock watches, which incorporates water-resistance and shock-resistance, makes them popular with consumers. For instance, the G-Shock GST-B100D-1ACR model provides up to 200 feet of water resistance, making it ideal for swimmers and divers. Additionally, it is entirely shockproof. Other characteristics of this and many G-Shock versions include the ability to set daily alarms and signals (including by entering timekeeping mode via button A), a battery life of eight months, and a comprehensive calendar mode. Various variants are manufactured from various materials, but the majority have a durable stainless steel frame with mineral glass.


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