How Do You Set a Magic Chef Mini Fridge?

Start the setup process for a Magic Chef tiny fridge by plugging in the power cord. Set the thermostat to seven, and then close the door. Adjust the temperature control to the desired setting after 15 to 20 minutes.

The dial on the thermostat ranges from one, the warmest setting, to seven, the coldest. The dial can be set to any configuration, including the spaces between full numbers. The thermostat must be adjusted to seven in order for ice to form in the freezer chamber. The refrigerator should not be reset for three to five minutes after being unplugged. When plugged in too soon, the refrigerator frequently malfunctions.

To install a Magic Chef micro refrigerator, position it in a location with moderate temperatures. The floor must be durable and level. The refrigerator will not function correctly in a recess, thus no wall or other obstruction should prevent the door from opening entirely. Allow 5 inches of space between the wall and the refrigerator’s side. The power cord must be plugged directly into an outlet; extension cords are not permitted.

If the refrigerator’s power cord is ever destroyed, it should not be utilised. A trained professional should replace the cord.


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