How Do You Return a Restricted Call?

After receiving such a call, dial *69 as the next move to call back a restricted number on a cell phone or land line. This only works if you haven’t made or received any further calls since the limited contact.

A restricted number, often known as a private number, is one that has been blocked by the caller for a variety of reasons. The caller’s phone number is not displayed on caller ID, and this information is not saved in missed call logs or voicemail messages. Getting in touch with the caller becomes difficult unless alternative means of communication are available or the recipient has the person’s contact information.

If neither of these circumstances apply, you can call the restricted number again as long as you haven’t done anything else on the phone since the restricted call. Since the restricted number, no voicemails have been retrieved, no outgoing calls have been placed, and no incoming calls have been captured. By calling *69, the caller is connected to the last line that made contact with the cell phone or land line in issue. This works in most circumstances, however there are fees associated with it, depending on the service provider and other carrier constraints.


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