How Do You Remove an L-Shaped Nose Piercing?

To get rid of an L-shaped nose piercing, push the jewellery through the piercing at the right angle and clean the area. Don’t try to take the jewellery out until the piercing is completely healed. If the piercing is new, don’t take it out for at least nine days.

Soap up your hands.

Scrub both hands with warm water and antibacterial soap. Use a clean cloth to dry them.

Look for the bar

Holding the pierced nose slightly open will help you find the L-shaped bar. Touch the nose ring with your finger and feel for the L-shaped bar.

Push the bar into the hole.

Find where the bar ends. Push the L-shaped bar’s bottom up and through the hole in the nose. Keep pushing the bar through the piercing until the angle lines up. Then, push the rest of the jewellery through the piercing.

Get the jewellery clean.

Use antibacterial soap to clean the jewellery, and then rinse it with water. Use a clean paper towel to dry it all the way.

Wipe your nose

Mix 1 cup of warm water with a pinch of non-iodized sea salt. Soak the nose for a few minutes in the solution. Use a clean cloth to dry the nose all the way.

Put the jewellery away.

Put the jewellery you took off in a clean box. Before putting the jewellery back in the nose piercing, you should clean it well.


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