How Do You Register Your LG Product?

Visit’s Support and Registration page to sign up an LG product. Choose the type of product you want to register, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

When you register your LG product, you can get tips from LG’s product expert, firmware updates to keep all of your LG products up to date, warranty plans that fit the LG products you own, exclusive previews of new LG innovations and products, and special LG promotions and offers.

LG’s support page gives people who own LG products a lot of options and benefits. On the support website, you can find out about repairs for your product and schedule one. Find LG product repair shops near you and find out the status of any repairs that are currently being done.

You can also find out more about any extended warranties that LG offers for your products on the support website. LG’s support website also has a help library with a lot of information about a number of LG products, such as how to connect external devices to your LG TV, how to update the firmware on your TV, how to use smart-share, and how to set up and use remote applications. If you need to get in touch with LG’s customer service, the LG support page has all the information you need.


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