How Do You Redeem RCI Elite Rewards?

RCI urges users to visit, click Reward Items, and select their desired items to redeem RCI Elite Rewards. Options for redemption include using simply reward points or a combination of cash and rewards.

According to RCI, different Elite Reward goods have differing reward levels. Those with a Rewards and Money option allow you to purchase desired things using both reward points and U.S. dollars. Simply enter the desired number of points, and the remaining cost will be automatically calculated in U.S. dollars. Once the items have been delivered, you can pay the remaining balance with your credit card and view the charges on your credit card statement.

RCI notes that, as of 2015, cardholders have access to RCI Reward Items, Travel Reward Items, Entertainment Reward Items, and Retail and Dining Reward Items. Merchandise Reward Items and Charity Choice Gift Card Reward Items are additional alternatives.

RCI notes that the RCI Elite Rewards programme allows timeshare owners to earn 1 Reward for every $1 spent. Additionally, bonus points can be earned on purchases made at RCI and Bonus Reward Partners. Maintain a positive account standing to get prizes. Through credit card purchases, cardholders can earn an indefinite number of rewards. RCI gives promotional allocations of Bonus Rewards on occasion.

The telephone number for customer assistance while placing an order is 877-587-8742.


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