How Do You Order More TCF Bank Checks?

According to the TCF Bank website, customers can order extra checks from TCF Bank via online banking, Harland Clarke, TCF Phone banking, or a TCF branch. TCF offers phone banking at 1-800-823-2265.

To get more checks from TCF Bank, go to:

Visit the website to learn more.

According to the TCF Bank website, go to the customer care page and click on the “How can I purchase more checks?” item under Checking and Savings to see a complete list of ordering possibilities.

Consider your alternatives.

Choose the reordering option you want and follow the steps in the list. Customers can order more checks by logging onto their online banking account, calling Harland Clarke at 1-888-874-5296 or going to, calling TCF Phone Banking at 1-800-823-2265 or coming in or mailing a check reorder slip to a TCF branch.

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