How Do You Make a Worm Shocker?

A few simple household items, such as an extension cord, electrical tape, wire nuts, and a metal rod, can be utilised to construct an efficient worm shocker. Despite the fact that utilising electricity to push worms out of the earth after rains is easier than scooping soil, handmade electrical devices pose risks and should not be handled by inexperienced individuals or people with heart conditions.

Collect necessary materials

Find a cord extension. Obtain an extension cord from a nearby hardware store if one is unavailable. In addition, electrical tape, a few wire nuts, and a thin metal rod are required. A tent stake can also serve as a rod.

Change the extension cable

Using a knife, cut off the female end of the extension cord. The female end of the cord is where electrical devices are plugged in. Next, remove approximately 6 inches of insulation from the black wire, which is considered “hot.” Using the wire nuts and electrical tape, the neutral and ground wires must be capped and fastened.

Encase the live wire

The hot wire is wrapped around the metal stake. Additionally, a substantial amount of electrical tape must be wrapped around the live wire and stake to prevent shocks. It is preferable to use excessive tape rather to risk an electrical shock. Electrical tape should cover at least 3 inches of the device.

Employ the homemade insect repellent

Hammer the stake into the ground. Carefully insert the plug. If the stake vibrates, then the device is operating properly. After a few moments, earthworms begin to rise to the surface and can be gathered.


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