How Do You Look up the Serial Number for Your Savage Rifle?

On some Savage firearms, the serial number is located on the underside of the receiver. The most efficient method for locating the serial number of a Savage rifle is to visit the manufacturer’s website and click the Part Finder page.

Not every Savage rifle has a serial number; many firearms manufactured before 1968 lacked serial numbers. The Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed by Congress and mandated that serial numbers be placed on all firearms manufactured in the United States. Any Savage firearms manufactured after 1968 should have a serial number, however it may be difficult to locate many older models. Prior to 1995, the manufacturer’s website does not list serial numbers for any firearms. The National Rifle Association has compiled a comprehensive list of all firearms manufactured in the United States by renowned gun manufacturers, including Savage guns, beginning in 1912. There may be additional or more comprehensive serial number records for older Savage firearms on other websites.

Arthur Savage invented the first Savage firearms in 1894, when he founded the Savage Arms Company in his birthplace of Utica, New York. Arthur Savage invented the first “hammerless” gun.


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