How Do You Look up Addresses and ZIP Codes on

On, you may look up addresses and ZIP codes by accessing the site’s ZIP code search tool and inputting the pertinent data into the proper fields. It is possible to locate both the ZIP code associated with an address and the ZIP codes inside a city.

The United States Postal Service employs a system known as ZIP codes to organise and route mail to various parts of the country and to prevent confusion between cities with similar names and street addresses. Find the ZIP code of a specific address by visiting and selecting the Look Up a ZIP Code option from the Quick Tools section of the main menu. Enter the street address, unit or apartment number, city, and state where the address is located on this page. The programme returns the complete address and ZIP code based on the most recent records from the United States Postal Service.

To search for the ZIP code of a business without its address, enter the business’ name together with the city and state. Included in the results are all known ZIP codes that correspond to official business name registration records. The tool does not display street addresses, but it does identify the ZIP codes linked with a Post Office Box.


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