How Do You Locate the Bluebook Value on Trailers?

As of 2015, neither Kelly Blue Book, usually known as KBB, nor NADA offer a price reference for trailers; however, sells a guide for commercial trailers. While there is no clear pricing guide for used recreational trailers, it is simple to determine the value of a used trailer by examining the prices of sold listings on websites such as or by phoning local RV dealers and visiting their websites.

The term “Blue Book” refers to the Kelly Blue Book, an annual guide that details the costs of new and used automobiles with various options and conditions. There is no Kelly Blue Book product or reference that explains the worth of trailers. There are guides that can assist with determining the worth of commercial trailers; however, unlike Kelly Blue Book or comparable services, guides for determining the value of commercial trailers typically cost several hundred dollars.

The easiest way to establish the market value of a trailer is to study the prices at which similar trailers have sold in the region and how much comparable trailers are being listed for by other sellers.,, and the online classifieds of a local newspaper are websites that are recommended for comparing recent prices and listings for sale.


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