How Do You Know if Raw Turkey Has Gone Bad?

Raw turkey that has gone bad has a bad smell, feels slimy, and has an odd colour. When raw turkey is safe to cook and eat, it smells a little bit like raw chicken. The smell of spoiled turkey is strong and gamey, and it gets slimy or sticky.

The colour of raw turkey meat is also a good way to tell if it is fresh. Turkey meat is called “light” or “dark” depending on what part of the bird it comes from. Science Reference Services at the Library of Congress say that the turkey’s well-rested muscles, like the ones in its breast, are lighter, while the muscles in its legs and wings, which are used a lot, are darker.

When a turkey is cooked, the light parts are light brown and the dark parts are dark brown. There are hints of pink, lavender, and blue in raw turkey meat. The skin is creamy white. Turkey meat that has gone bad will be red, green, or yellow.

Clostridium perfringens and other potentially dangerous bacteria like to grow in spoiled turkey. The Centers for Disease Control say that this bacterium is the one that makes people sick from food more than any other.

So that other foods don’t get contaminated, spoiled turkey must be thrown away right away. The best way to kill bacteria that is still on hard kitchen surfaces is to wash them with hot, soapy water or spray them with an antibacterial cleaner that is safe to use around food.


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