How Do You Hard Reset a Nextbook Device?

A Nextbook Android device can be set back to its factory settings by pressing a combination of buttons. After you’ve charged the device and taken it off the charger, hold the up volume button and press the power switch at the same time. Keep holding down the two buttons until you see the Nextbook logo on the screen. When you let go of both buttons and press the up volume button, a menu will appear. To reset the device, go to Wipe Data Factory Reset and choose Yes.

When trying to fix a problem or start over on a used device, resetting it to factory settings is a last resort. This kind of hard reset is needed when the device’s settings menu can’t be reached because of a software problem or a lost or forgotten password. Whether you do a hard or soft factory reset, all user data and records, as well as apps and purchases, are erased. After the reset, apps and purchases can be retrieved from the Play Store.

There are similar ways to do a hard reset on many Android devices, from phones to Chromebooks. Depending on the device and version of Android, the details may be different, but the reason for doing the rest and the end result are the same.


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